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Fire TV Stick

Being a retailer for Dish Network and others  the worries I have is can a customer afford the monthly bill after we hook up all their TV’s. Great Question Right? Well with the Fire TV products and Dish Anywhere you can solve that problem. These things are as low as $40 on Amazon. I personally have the Fire TV Stick and Dish Anywhere. Being an Amazon lover I imeadiatly fell in love with it. I have an Android TV and a Chromecast and have had every Streaming service out there but that is another topic. Fire TV Stick and Dish Anywhere was really easy to set up and it is App based so most everyone is familiar with it immediately. You can download the Dish Anywhere App and do what it tells you to do as it walks you through the set up and boom you have Dish Anywhere on this TV and Anywhere you want to take it. (That’s the cool thing about it you can use them on all the other TV’s in your home. Pop one out and take it with you on vacation and it would be just like you were home. Dish Anywhere and Fire TV Stick is the way to go.)

Dish Network Dish Anywhere is now available on the Fire TV products which gives you so much flexibility with your Dish Network TV service. If you already have Dish Network and are already hooked up with all the Rental boxes it is still a great addition to these devices because you can take this guy anywhere and watch your DVR Recordings, Live TV and anything that is available to you normally with your Dish Network Service. I think when your contract runs out you will probably just use one of these Fire TV Sticks or one of their other Fire TV products on your other TV’s that doesn’t have the DVR on it. This will save you those monthly fees forever of between $5 to $10 per box per month depending on what you have. That adds up quick. Most people have 3 Boxes. One is the main TV with the DVR on it the other two are bedrooms or wherever. These are the you would replace. These two at $5 per month is a $10 a month Savings if they are the more expensive boxes or you have more it just adds up quicker.

If you don’t have Dish Network yet let a Local Company like me Hook you up and let’s save on those extra box fees right up front. Yes you will have to make a one time purchase for each TV other than the one we will be putting the DVR on. Little bit of upfront cost but well worth it in the long run they will pay for themselves in as little as 3 months or less.

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