Mesh Networks (todo or not todo) That is the question?

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Mesh Network

There is much todo on Mesh Network Routers versus Regular Routers verses Whole-Home Routers (both of the latter are just one router). Mesh Network systems are almost always the way to go with an exception (see below). Mesh Network Systems are Whole-Home systems as well but they evenly cover your whole-home using multiple routers which decreases latency and increases throughput. You have a seamless connection throughout your home with only one SSID and the smooth handoff between routers is amazing. Most of these Mesh Network Routers come with a nice app that allows you to access your system from anywhere. This includes rebooting from work when your kid calls. You can also prioritize devices or block devices. You can set up profiles for everyone and then pause the internet when you need to for all the devices in a profile like when your kid is watching youtube instead of doing homework. There is much more and every system has its own way of doing things so research and find out which one works best for you. The Exception – Gaming; even though the mesh networks support most of what gamers are looking for sometimes they want extreme QOS settings and port forwarding etc. If you are a gamer you know what I’m talking about.

If you are still using a single router at home you are really missing out! Once you do this you will wonder why you keep putting it off. It makes that much of a difference. You have total control over your home network with the app that is provided and can see all the devices on your network and what they are doing. You can pause their ability to browse or slow them down and so on. You can see new devices when they hit the network so you have a pre-warning that someone new or something new is at your home. This is great you have a kid at home you see a new device you call the kid and say who is there with you, lol. You also, get a notification when someone new joins your network which means someone gave them the password. I’m not sure about you but I want Wi-Fi through my whole house that I do not have to worry about or have to reboot all the time.

There are many to choose from and some are tr-band and use one channel to talk back and forth and another to broadcast the Wi-Fi signal. Some are Powerline which I have and they talk through the power line in your home so it does not matter where you plug them in they just work and you are not reliant on placement to make sure you are not rebroadcasting a weak signal and so on. Life is good with Mesh Networks. go get you one today.

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