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I know you say Satellite Internet why would anyone want that. Well, you might now! Satellite Internet has come along way in a very short amount of time. Speeds have more than doubled Up & Down. Usage has gone to basically Unlimited where they used to cut you off at 10 GB or whatever plan limit you had.

Speeds are up to about 50 Meg down and soon to be around 100 Meg. We have been installing Satellite Internet for years and we have seen so many changes but in just the last couple of years, we have had more changes for the better than all the time we have been doing this.

We survey our Satellite Internet customer 2 days and then 2 weeks and then again at 2 months and the approval rating is about 97% good at the 2-month mark. It used to be below 50% not to long ago after the 2-month survey because the customer had a chance to hit the data cap a couple of times and they were not happy.

They could not afford the higher data plans and most certainly could not afford to add extra gigs at $9.99 per GB. Those days are gone and in the very near future, Satellite Internet will even be able to compete with a Terrestrial service like cable modems.

Right now they blow DSL out of the water and they are on the heels of Cable Modems in a lot of areas. Unfortunately just because you have terrestrial service like cable or DSL does not mean it is any good. There are lots of places that still have trouble getting 10 Meg down if that.

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